Trapezoidal Rule Introduction - Yr 11/12 introduction to integration, could be used for lower years if references to integral notation left out (requires: function notation, area of trapezium. Motivation - approximating areas of non-polygonal shapes/regions)

Derivative of a Sum - Yr 11/12. Proof, brief examples.

Product rule - Yr 11/12. Motivating counterexamples, proof.

UNFINISHED Trig Derivatives - Yr 11/12. Motivation plus derivation from first princples. UNFINISHED!

UNFINISHED Derivative of Log Function - Yr 11/12. Usual proof, why it's wrong, correct proof (using first princples - advanced due to required degree of familiarity with limits) UNFINISHED!


Maxima problem - Yr 12. Maximising the area of a rectangle with vertices determined by a curve.

Integration practice questions - Yr 12. Variety of multi-step calculus problems.

Incomplete scribble - integrtion by substitution - Yr 12. NEEDS CLEANUP!!

Selection of tricky calculus problems and Solutions outline - Yr 12.

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