Puzzle - measures of central tendency - Yr 7+. Knowledge of definitions of mean, median and mode. Familiarity with algebra.

Averages - Yr 7+. Definition of average, familiarity with algebra.

Mean median max puzzle - Yr 7+.

Average is always an integer puzzle - Yr 7+.

Median of a long list - Yr 9+. Definition of median, familiarity with counting methods.

Mean score on a test - Yr 9+. Algebra, definition of mean. Word problem.

Variety of tricky word problems involving mean, median, mode and range. - Yr 9+.

Medium of a sum - Yr 11+. Summation notation and basic results.

Measures of central tendency for arithmetic and geometric progressions - Yr 11+.

Median of geometric progression (trick!) - Yr 11+.

Continuous random variable questions - Yr 12. Knowledge of pdf and optionally cdf, integration.

How to make a pdf - choosing a constant - Yr 12. Knowledge of pdf definition, simultaneous equations.

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